Vorgestellt: ENVI-CPC 100, Fidas® Frog

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Nanopartikelzähler für Außenluftmessungen mit Nafion®-Aerosoltrockner und hohem Volumenstrom für bis zu 70 • 103 Partikel/cm3 (Einzelzählmodus)


Fidas® Frog

Kompaktes Feinstaubmesssystem mit abnehmbarem Bedienpanel für Innenraum- und Arbeitsplatzmessungen



New filter media test rig MFP 3000 HF

The MFP system filter media test rigs from Palas®, tried and tested for many years, have grown. With the new MFP 3000 HF, it is now also possible to set the relative humidity from 10 – 80 % or the temperature from - 10 – 50 °C. The inflow velocity has been extended to a range of 4 cm/s – 2 m/s.


MCERTS certificate for three Fidas® fine dust measuring devices

Following successful testing of Fidas® 200 E, on 2/23/2017 the existing MCERTS certificate (MCERTS Performance Standards for Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Version 9.1, dated December 2015) for Fidas® 200 and 200 S was renewed and the Fidas® 200 E supplemented.


Fidas® Frog on TV

The TV channel TRT World (Turkey) recently reported on the growing attention, especially of younger people, for the subject “air quality”, taking London’s air pollution as an example.

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