Aerosol generation

For more than 25 years Palas® has been building systems for the aerosol generation. With more than 30 different systems Palas® is market leader worldwide.

In particular, the high reproducibility and constancy regarding the particle size distribution and concentration of the Palas® aerosol generators have to be emphasized.

The Palas® aerosol generators are heatable in part up to 150°C. Several types are built in pressure-resistant version and being used successfully worldwide for applications in under and overpressure up to 10 bar.

Palas® generators can generate

  • monodisperse / quasi monodisperse / polydisperse

aerosols from:

  • droplets and dusts
  • liquids, suspensions, bulk material and monolithic solid particles

Due to their particular characteristics

  • temporal constancy of particle size distribution, particle form, electrical loading status and concentration
  • easy handling

Palas® aerosol generators are being used worldwide as test generators. They are clearly characterized and exceed the high standards of the VDI 3491.