The Palas® GmbH provides a special test rig with respectively three separate sample feeding and sampling lines for salt aerosols, droplet aerosols and dusts.

Due to the high constancy of the volume flow and the homogeneous aerosol distribution in the test ducts and the monodisperse droplets of the MAG 3000 particle measuring devices as well as sampling and dilution systems can be characterized unambiguously.

On this calibration test rig the device characteristics (ISO 21501-1 and VDI 3867) of aerosol spectrometers and particle counters can be determined:

  • Size resolution capacity
  • Classification accuracy
  • Lower and upper counting efficiency rate
  • Border zone and coincidence error

Due to the particular quality of the welas ® digital system, aerosol generators and dilution systems can be calibrated clearly and reproducibly on this duct.

The test rig is applied for the quality assurance at Palas® and for service measurements.