Smoke detectors

Test of smoke detectors

Production control:

The aerosol generators AGF 2.0 and UGF 2000 which are low in maintenance provide an extremely solid and fine test aerosol due to the cold atomisation of paraffin oil. They are characterised by a robust design, a simple operation and a high reproducibility.

These generators exceed the requirements which are stipulated in the EN 54.

AGF 2.0 and UGF 2000 have been successfully used for years for the fast and reliable production control of smoke detectors.

Function control:

For the function control of smoke detectors with different particle materials the following Palas® generators have proven themselves:

  • RBG 1000 : perfect for the dosing and dispersing of dusts, e. g. flame soot
  • DNP 2000 : is generating particles from carbon in the nanometer range
  • DSP 3000 : provide soot from a combustion process

Particle measuring system:

The clear characterisation of the test aerosols is an essential condition for a reliable production control, an unambiguous function test as well as for the test of a smoke detector according to EN 54.

The VDI 3867 and the ISO 21501 recommend using aerosol spectrometers for the characterisation of aerosol generators.

The welas ® digital system from Palas®, a white light aerosol spectrometer system, provides advantages also for other applications. This system measures also hot aerosols up to 250°C isothermally.

The detection limit of extremely sensitive smoke detectors can be determined accurately by means of the welas ® digital system as it is approx. 450 times more sensitive than a photometer. As a photometer cannot differentiate if the signal change is caused by change of particle size or concentration, its signal is not clear.