OEM Sensor System

Aerosol sensors for production and process monitoring


OEM Sensor System

Aerosol sensors for production and process monitoring


The sensors manufactured by Palas® work according to the proven principle of single particle measurement via the scattered light method with high resolution to determine the distribution of particle size and concentration.

They are individually configurable, e.g. via the following parameters / interfaces (from 100 units / configuration):

  • Volume flow (1 l/min – 16.7 l/min)
  • Measuring range (0.145 µm – 40 µm)
  • Number concentration range (0 P/cm³ – max. 10,000 P/cm³ resp. 0 P/cm³ – max. 500,000 P/cm³)
  • Interfaces USB (others on request)
  • Analog and digital outputs
Different variants and characteristics are available, which can be individually adapted to the needs of the user. This means that many applications can be covered, e.g. even under non-atmospheric conditions.

Our specialists for OEM sensors and integration are available to you as experienced contacts for the precise definition of your requirements - of course not only at our headquarters in Karlsruhe, but also at your site.


  • Individual configuration according to customer requirements
  • Already realisable from quantities of 100 units / configuration
  • Direct evaluation of data and provision for further processing
  • Mechanically robust, durable and free of maintainance
  • Unambiguous and specific calibration of particle size determination via NIST-retraceable monodisperse aerosol


Reported data PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10,TSP, CN, particle size distribution
Measurement range (number CN) 0 – 500,000 P/cm³ (depending on application)
Measurement range (size) 0.145 – 40 µm (depending on application)
Size channels Max. 256 (128/decade)
Volume flow 1 – 16.7 l/min
Power consumption 5 W / 12 V
Weight 1.4 kg
Installation conditions +5 – +40 °C (non condensing), max. 60 % humidity
Interfaces USB (others on request)


  • Various quality-determining monitoring & control parameters such as:
    • Number concentration Cn
    • Aerosol size distribution PSD
    • Detection of specific concentrations of a particle size or area
    • On-line calculation of mass concentrations in aerosols
  • For the control, monitoring or regulation of, for example:
    • Large-scale ventilation and air-conditioning systems
    • Process and contamination monitoring
    • Particle analysis for quality monitoring of particle-generating production processes
    • and many more


Brief Description
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Product Description
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