The 27000 series aerosol sensors were specially designed for direct measurement of particles in pipes. So no extra sampling is necessary for particle measurement using the 27000 sensor.

The welas® 27000 aerosol sensors are also connected to the Promo® 2000 / 3000 series of control and analysis units and the welas® 2000 / 3000 with a fiber-optic cable of up to 50 m in length. Sensors installed in pipes can therefore be controlled from a far away control center.

The size of measurement volume is crucial for coincidence-free particle size and particle number measurement. The welas® aerosol sensors can be equipped with various sizes of measurement volumes and can therefore be optimized for particular particle concentrations for coincidence-free measurement. This offers the advantage of a high particle rate and therefore a good statistical confidence level in various concentration ranges.

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