Filter Media Test Rigs » HFP system

Prüfstand zur schnellen und zuverlässigen Prüfung von Coalescer Filtermedien bezüglich Fraktionsabscheidegrad und Beladung

  • Testing of filter media and small mini-filters in product development and during production monitoring
  • Measurement of the drainage effect of coalescing filter media
  • Testing option for fraction separation efficiency based on EN 779/ASHRAE 52.2 (room air filters), EN 1822-3 (HEPA filters), CEN EN 143 and other standards in different versions

The HFP series was developed in order to meet the special requirements of filter manufacturers for clear and cost-effective filter testing of coalescing filter media.

In this test rig, fast loading of the filter media is made possible through the use of aerosol generator AGF 3000, which enables very high aerosol mass flow rates of up to 10 g/h. The horizontal layout of the HFP allows the filtered fluid to flow off downward for measurement of the drainage effect.

The aerosol generator PLG 2000 is used to generate the required aerosols. The fraction separation efficiency can be measured in the raw gas with the aerosol spectrometer Promo® 2000 together with the aerosol sensor welas® 2070 in very high particle concentrations of up to 106 particles/cm3.

Reliable measurement results, simple operation and a flexible, modular layout are the basis for the great success of this filter testing system.

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