Fine Dust Monitoring Devices » Mobile fine dust monitoring devices

Mobile fine dust measurement device for installation in carrier systems or handheld

  • Integration in carrier systems such as, e. g., drones (for example Fidas® Fly 200) or unmanned vehicles
  • Integration in one's own measurement setup, housing or payload unit
  • Fine dust monitoring at inaccessible locations or diffuse sources (road, quarry, surface mining site)
  • Indoor air quality studies in, e. g., factory halls
  • Immission and emission monitoring
  • R&D projects for, e. g., determination of emission factors or for obtaining data for dispersion modelling
  • Fine dust monitoring at alternating locations or in movement
  • Air quality monitoring indoors, at the workplace, or inside vehicles
  • Use as an aerosol spectrometer in setups where space is limited

Miniaturization of the measuring technology of the Fidas® 200 series makes mobile fine dust monitors possible which are comparably powerful, and yet so small and lightweight that they can be installed in drones or carried around.

The customizable Fidas® Fly 100 and the Fidas® Fly 200, which is adapted to the HORUS octocopter manufactured by AirClip GmbH, are optimized for particularly low weight and small space; their field of application is quick, wide range fine dust monitoring using unmanned carrier vehicles.

The majority of the population spends most of the time in rooms which are not equipped with permanently operating air purification systems. The fine dust load indoors is yet typically much higher than outdoors, since fine dust brought in from the outside accumulates and is constantly re-suspended. The portable Fidas® Frog fine dust aerosol spectrometer allows most accurate indoor measurements – and of course also mobile measuring outdoors.


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