M.A. Linda Münnig
22. Mär. 2017 (10:49) 
The MFP system filter media test rigs from Palas®, tried and tested for many years, have grown. With the new MFP 3000 HF, it is now also possible to set the relative humidity from 10 – 80 % or the temperature from - 10 – 50 °C. The inflow velocity has been extended to a range of 4 cm/s – 2 m/s.
MFP 3000 HF Applications for this test rig include e.g. simulation for testing of vehicle interior air filters or engine air filters at high temperatures, under dusty and dry conditions or of turbine air filters from power plants like those exposed to salt particles at high humidity on the coast under bad weather condition. The MFP 3000 HF filter media test rig is a modular filter test system for flat filter media, which is based on the MFP 3000 modular filter test rig.

The MFP 3000 HF serves to determine filter parameters, such as

  • the differential pressure of the filter medium at different inflow velocities
  • the fractional efficiency and the differential pressure at a defined air volume flow
  • the differential pressure and the fractional efficiency at a defined air volume flow
  • the dust holding capacity and the associated gravimetric efficiency at a prescribed air volume flow and increase in differential pressure.

Special new features in the MFP 3000 HF version:

  • Settable relative humidity: 10 ‒ 80 %
  • Temperature regulation of the air volume flow: 20 ‒ 35 °C (- 10 ‒ 50 °C on request)
  • Expansion of the inflow velocity to 4 cm/s ‒ 2 m/s
  • Integration of an U-SMPS into the MFP 3000 HF expands the size range for the measurement of filter efficiency at the MFP 3000 to 10 nm ‒ 40 µm
  • 2-zone icing testing

A new test rig concept has been implemented at Palas® for this purpose, which provides for particularly stable data on air conditioning and includes an isothermal measuring chain to prevent evaporation and condensation effects of particles in the test channel, as well as during sampling and particle measurement.

The modular system enables the use of different test aerosols like salt particles, DEHS particles and test dusts like ISO A2 Fine.

The MFP 3000 HF enables investigations on the separation efficiency and dust holding capacity of filter materials under real air conditions.

Here you will find further information on the MFP system


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