M.A. Linda Münnig
12. Sep. 2017 (08:05) 
Apart from electric power, compressed air is the second most frequently used energy carrier in industry and trade, and its absence from the modern working environment is inconceivable.

Hospitals, the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry, auto repair shops, paint shops, the electrical industry and many other sectors utilize compressed air. The purity of the generated compressed air is critical for many applications. Especially oil particles and fine dust must be separated reliably. Beyond this, energy efficiency and thus the operating costs of the compressed air installation depend on the quality of the compressed air filters used for particle separation and the associated differential pressure.

With the compressed air filter test rig DFP 3000 from Palas®, complete compressed air filter elements are tested directly under overpressure up to 7 bar resembling real conditions extremely closely. This is unparalleled worldwide. The fraction separation efficiency, i.e. efficiency according to the particle size, as well as the pressure loss developing during loading, are reliably tested under overpressure. Another unique feature of the DFP 3000 is the capability of testing the function of individual or multiple layers of filter media.

DFP 3000 with flat sheet media holder The DFP 3000 convinces a growing number of users internationally with its special advantages. Three companies in Germany already employ this system for filter testing; three other test rigs were delivered to China and one to Italy. An order for another system was already received from the U.S.

Further information on the DFP 3000

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