Discharge systems for electrically charged aerosols of solid particles or drops

Aerosols can be highly electrically charged. This charge can significantly falsify a particle measurement. For example, in filter testing using a charged aerosol, a filter may under certain circumstance be rated as far too good (liability problem for the filter manufacturer).

The Palasdischarger systems (corona discharge) have been used successfully for many years to neutralize charged aerosols. Neutralizing means that a balanced charge distribution is established in the aerosol. Palasoffers various discharger systems for different applications.

The CD 2000 systems work according to the principle of a bipolar corona discharge and are used universally for filter testing and aerosol research. No special authorizations are required for this.

With the Kr-85 neutralizers, the emitted β-radiation generates both positive and negative ions through ionization.

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