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21 Sep. 2023

Bosch and Karlsruhe-based measuring technology specialist Palas team up for better air quality

Bosch and the Karlsruhe-based measuring technology specialist Palas GmbH want to work together to improve air quality. To this end, the two companies have now agreed to collaborate, each bringing their long-term expertise to the table.

28 Feb. 2023

Fine Dust Measurements during demolition and dismantling work

Following successful pilot projects in several German cities, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH and Palas GmbH are expanding their partnership cooperation to include the area of outdoor air measurements.

9 Jan. 2023

Air quality measurements in the city of Ettlingen

Making the invisible visible - under this motto, the city of Ettlingen, together with Stadtwerke Ettlingen and Palas GmbH from Karlsruhe, have started a pilot project to measure the air quality.


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Palas Application Smart City - City of Ettlingen

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Palas Building

Palas Building in Karlsruhe, Germany

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