18. Feb. 2022 (09:29)

Data Management for Air Quality Measurements

Palas GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of high-precision measurement technology. With its new cloud-based data platform MyAtmosphere, company headquartered in Karlsruhe/Germany offers a modern and smart management system for air quality data. In combination with the new measuring device AQ Guard Smart, MyAtmosphere enables the simple collection, analysis and reporting of air quality data. read more...

11. Feb. 2022 (08:55)

Identify Superspreaders, avoid Infections

Palas GmbH, based in Karlsruhe/Germany, has developed the Resp-Aer-Meter, a universally applicable measuring device that uses breathing air to determine how potentially infectious a person is. The device identifies exhaled particles with highly accurate size resolution and helps detect possible superspreaders, such as those of the COVID-19 virus. A preprint (preliminary publication of a study under peer review) has now confirmed the effectiveness of the device. read more...

8. Dec. 2021 (09:11)

Palas GmbH measures air quality on the volcanic island of La Palma

Huge ash clouds, a constant column of smoke over Cumbre Vieja and permanent uncertainty as to how the volcano will behave next: this has long become normality for the inhabitants of La Palma. But what is the actual state of air quality? How vulnerable are people to the toxic – but invisible – substances in the air? read more...


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