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21 Sep. 2023

Bosch and Karlsruhe-based measuring technology specialist Palas team up for better air quality

Bosch and the Karlsruhe-based measuring technology specialist Palas GmbH want to work together to improve air quality. To this end, the two companies have now agreed to collaborate, each bringing their long-term expertise to the table.

28 Feb. 2023

Fine Dust Measurements during demolition and dismantling work

Following successful pilot projects in several German cities, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH and Palas GmbH are expanding their partnership cooperation to include the area of outdoor air measurements.

9 Jan. 2023

Air quality measurements in the city of Ettlingen

Making the invisible visible - under this motto, the city of Ettlingen, together with Stadtwerke Ettlingen and Palas GmbH from Karlsruhe, have started a pilot project to measure the air quality.

25 Nov. 2022

European approval for the Fidas® Smart System

Compact, advanced, precise - The Fidas® Smart System developed by Palas GmbH in Karlsruhe is now fully EN 16450 certified making it the world's smallest fine dust monitor.

14 Jul. 2022

AQ Guard Smart Receives MCERTS Certification

AQ Guard Smart, the latest Palas® air quality measurement system for monitoring fine particulate matter, received the internationally accepted MCERTS approval as an Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitor

14 Apr. 2022

Immission Control during Construction or Demolition Work

Because of site preparation, construction or demolition work, which often causes dust generation and can lead to complaints from residents to the local authorities and industrial inspectorates

8 Mar. 2022

The new aerosol generators from Palas GmbH

With integrated pump or pressure-proof - Palas® presents three new aerosol generators for dust dispersion and meets all the reqirements you possibly could have

18 Feb. 2022

Data Management for Air Quality Measurements

With its new cloud-based data platform MyAtmosphere,Palas ® offers a smart management system for air quality data, which enables the simple collection of air quality data in combination with the AQ Guard Smart

11 Feb. 2022

Identify Superspreaders, avoid Infections

Palas GmbH has developed the Resp-Aer-Meter, a universal measuring device that uses breathing air to determine how potentially infectious a person is and helps detecting possible superspreaders

8 Dec. 2021

Palas® measures air quality on the volcanic island of La Palma

Huge ash clouds over Cumbre Vieja and permanent uncertainty as to how the volcano will behave next: this has long become normality for the inhabitants of La Palma. But what is the actual state of air quality?

31 Aug. 2021

AQ Guard Ambient receives MCERTS approval

Internationally recognized MCERTS Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitor for Palas® fine dust monitor

26 Aug. 2021

Conference around air quality and air hygiene as assistance on local level

Air purifier equipment stagnates: The necessary knowledge on the subject of air quality is lacking but Palas® assists in procurement chaos

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