Aerosol Generators for Solid Particles

Generation of test aerosols from around 1 nm – 200 µm for filter testing, inhalation studies, calibration of measurement devices etc.

Aerosols are defined as a mixture of air with different types of particles, e.g., drops, dust, and pollen, in the size range from about 1 nm ̶ 200 µm. For functional comparison of filters or particle measurement devices, defined test aerosols with solid particles are needed. All Palas aerosol generators fulfill the requirements of the VDI guideline 3491.

Depending on the aerosol generator model, the test particles can be generated from solutions (e.g., NaCl, KCl), from suspensions (e.g., biological aerosols), from powders or dust (e.g., pollen, A1 ̶ A4 dust), from monolithic solids (e.g., chalk) or by condensation or combustion processes.

Test aerosols or test particles are generated with the highest dosing constancy and best reproducibility. Test aerosols can be generated with mass flows - depending on the model - ranging from some µg/h up to more than 7.3 kg/h. The test aerosols' particle size distribution is around 1 nm up to 200 µm and can be set depending on the model and aerosol substance, mono oder poly disperse.

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