Filter Media Test Rigs

Modular filter media test systems for the testing of depth filter media, coalescing filter media and cleanable surface filter media

  • For filter media and small filter elements
  • product development/ during production monitoring.
  • Testing based on ISO 11155-1 / DIN 71460-1 (cabin air filters)
  • Testing based on ISO 5011 (engine pre-air filters)
  • Testing based on ISO 16890 (room air filters)
  • Other standards in various versions
  • Fully automatic measurement of the fractional efficiency, the pressure drop curve, the dust holding capacity and the gravimetrical efficiency
  • International comparable results due to the high distribution of the system
  • For filter media and small mini-filters
  • product development and during production monitoring
  • Fast and cost efficient testing of fractional efficiency with dust, oil or salt based on ISO 11155-1 (cabin air filters), ISO 5011 (engine pre-air filters), EN 779/ Ashrae 52.2/ ISO 16890 (room air filters),
  • Within the version MFP 100 HEPA measurement of MPPS of HEPA/ ULPA filter media based on EN 1822 and ISO 29463-3
  • For filter media and small filter elements
  • product development/ production control
  • Test possibilities with regard to EN 1882-3 (HEPA/ULPA) and ISO 29463-3
  • Fractional efficiency measurement in the range from approx. 20 nm up to 1 µm
  • Standardized test in accordance with VDI 3926
  • Individual tests under close-to-real conditions as defined by the different process conditions, e.g. in the cement industry, in the wood-processing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, in nuclear power plants and many other areas...
  • Standardisierte Prüfung abreinigbarer Filtermedien nach VDI/DIN 3926 (1994 u. 2004), ISO 11057:2011 und ASTM D68830-02
  • Filterprüfung in Anlehnung an die oben geannten Richtlinien, beispielsweise bei angepassten Temperaturen, Filteranströmgeschwindigkeiten, Staubarten, Staubkonzentrationen und Abreinigungsbedingungen
  • Dadurch Realisierung individueller, realitätsnaher Tests, wie durch verschiedene Verfahrensbedingungen vorgegeben, z. B. in Müllverbrennungsanlagen, in der Zement- und Stahlindustrie, in der holzverarbeitenden Industrie, der pharmazeutischen Industrie, Chemieindustrie und anderen
  • Filtrationsversuche mit Filterproben zur Qualitätssicherung in der Produktion von Filtermedien, inkl. Luftdurchlässigkeitsmessungen
  • Bestimmung der PM2,5 Emission
  • Luftdurchlässigkeitsmessungen an Proben aus bestaubten Filterschläuchen

Palas® has been building and developing module filter media test rigs since 1985 and therefore has great know-how to offer in this field.

Thanks to the high level of reproducibility, the long service life of the equipment and the exceptional cost-effectiveness of Palas® test rigs, Palas® is now the market leader in this field. Palas® offers the world's widest range of filter media test systems for different applications even in temperatures up to 250°C or under overpressure up to 7 bar.

The modular filter test rig from Palas® was awarded the "1998 Product Achievement Award" by the periodical "Filtration & Separation" in Atlantic City, USA. Palas® offers the world's largest selection of different aerosol generators, dilution systems and state-of-the-art particle measurement technology for particle sizes from 5 nm to 100 µm, which are used as modular, interchangeable individual components as part of the Palas® test systems.

With this flexibility, testing requirements can be simply and reliably met to suit customer requirements or in order to achieve compliance with the relevant standards.

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