Palas. Leading developer and manufacturer of aerosol technology.

Whether generation, measurement or characterization of airborne particles, whether fine dust or nanoparticle measurement devices, whether aerosol spectrometers, generators and sensors or complete test stands: We have been your partner for 40 years.


Customized solutions for various industries and applications


Analyzing and monitoring air pollutants to protect public health and adhere to regulatory standards. Precise, easy to use and in real-time.

Industry & Science

Our aim is innovation and highest quality. To this day, we have been continuously developing our products for science and industry for the past 40 years. For example, our filter test rigs, aerosol spectrometers and aerosol generators.


Individual solutions and support for your challenges

Rental & Reporting

Do you need precise air quality monitoring devices for short-term tasks? Palas offers solutions individually tailored to your needs so that you can be flexible yet highly accurate.

Service & Support

The corporate philosophy of Palas is characterized by high-quality standards. This applies not only to our technology, but also to our customer service. Our consulting and support services are geared towards establishing a long-term cooperation to focus on the optimum benefit for our customers.
About Palas

Market leader in the development and production of aerosol technology

With 40 years of developing and manufacturing high-precision devices and systems, we offer our clients certified, versatile, and innovative methods and technologies for individual applications.

  • Over 30 patent applications globally
  • High quality & precision
  • 40 years of experience in aerosol technology
  • Active worldwide

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26 Mar. 2024

Sunny Insights from the Sonnblick Observatory

Discover how the Cloud Droplet Analyzer, stationed at the heights of the Sonnblick Observatory, is transforming our understanding of cloud formation in the face of climate change.

15 Dec. 2023

Palas is moving

From 1 January 2024 the address of our headquarters will be: Palas GmbH Siemensallee 84 Building 7330 76187 Karlsruhe

25 Aug. - 30 Aug. 2024 | Trade fair


Tampere, Finland

7 Oct. - 9 Oct. 2024 | Event

Air Quality Forum 2024

Brüssel, Belgium

14 Oct. - 18 Oct. 2024 | Trade fair

AAAR 2024

Alberquerque, United States

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