M.A. Linda Münnig
12. Sep. 2017 (08:00) 
Air quality measurements are increasingly in demand also in China.

China Crosstech.jpg
Palas® sales partner Cross-Tech Equipment from Shanghai with HORUS-Multicopter sold by Airclip GmbH
Photo: Gerd Schaufelberger, Airclip GmbH

Our sales partner Cross-Tech Equipment from Shanghai now uses the ultralight Fidas® Fly 200 for fine dust measurements in China. The complete system, consisting of HORUS drone and fine dust monitor, is distributed by our partner Airclip GmbH, who also offers orientation on operating the drone and the fine dust measuring device. In March the colleagues from China visited Dresden and passed their “pilot training” there for the flying fine dust monitor.

Further information on the HORUS Multicopter from Airclip GmbH (German only)
Information on Cross-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd.

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