Hannah Horn
10. Oct. 2018 (11:53) 
The IAC (International Aerosol Conference) took place in St. Louis from September 2 - 7, 2018.
Our hands-on-workshop, where the participants could get to know the U-SMPS better, was well attended.

We would also like to emphasize the excellent coorporation with our American Sales Partner CH Technologies, who supported us very much.

IAC palas 2.JPG IAC palas 2018 3.jpg IAC palas 2018.JPG

Palas® was represented at the IAC by Dr.-Ing. Frederik Weis (Nano technology) and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sven Schütz (Aerosol technology)

Jessica Bobermien
8. Oct. 2018 (15:18) 
Palas® participated again this year at the Filtration in Philadelphia, USA.
The exhibition, which took place in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from October 2 -4, 2018, was a success for Palas GmbH.
At a short course, which was organized together with ourAmerican sales partner CH Technologies , more than 30 participants were informed about the new MFP 3000 G (in accordance to the new ISO 16890 standards), comprehensively and afterwards put through their paces by the participants.

We would like to thank all visitors of our booth and look forward to the next filtration!

filtration 2018 booth.jpg filtration short course 1.jpg filtration short course 2.jpg

Hannah Horn
1. Oct. 2018 (14:22) 
On September 28, 2018, a celebration for employees and guests of honour took place on the Palas® premises.
Around 150 guests took part in this event when Palas GmbH celebrated its 35th anniversary.
The program was variedly mixed: A demonstration of the Fidas® Fly 200 , as well as a balloon launch for a good cause and exciting presentation of the company history, presented by the company founder and managing director Leander Mölter himself.
At this point we would like to let the pictures speak for themselves. Also, we would like to thank all those who have accompanied us for the last 35 years and those who will accompany us for the next 35 years!

mici-20180928-114730-D74_5407.jpg mici-20180928-115023-D81_3901.jpg mici-20180928-120229-D81_4002.jpg mici-20180928-120822-D81_4028.jpg mici-20180928-130849-D81_4189.jpg mici-20180928-153423-D74_5580.jpg mici-20180928-151117-D74_5542.jpg mici-20180928-153916-D74_5631.jpg

© Pictures: Michael M. Roth , 2018.

Politicians Daniel Caspary (MEP) and Steffen Bilger (MdB) inform themselves about fine dust measurement at Palas

On Wednesday (August 8), CDU politicians Daniel Caspary and Steffen Bilger visited Palas GmbH in Karlsruhe to find out more about particulate matter measurement. Daniel Caspary comes from Weingarten in Baden and is chairman of the CDU/CSU group in the European Parliament. Steffen Bilger has his constituency in Ludwigsburg and is Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Berlin. The background to the visit was the current discussion about driving bans in individual cities in view of high levels of particulate matter. Palas® offers certified fine dust measuring devices with the Fidas® System, which continuously measure the air pollution with the fine dust fractions PM10 and PM2.5 simultaneously on the basis of single particle counting in many measuring stations in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, the associated particle size distribution is determined at any time.

Gruppenfoto Caspary Weiß Mölter Bilger.jpg

After a short introduction of the company by the company founder and managing director Leander Mölter and the product range by the sales manager Ralf Emberger, managing director Dr. Maximilian Weiß showed effects in the positioning of fine dust measuring instruments to determine representative measurement results using the examples of Germany and the USA. According to a recent study by the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), increasing the distance of the measuring device from the emission source by a few meters has a considerable influence on the measured values for fine dust and nitrogen oxide measurements in road traffic. These factors should be taken into account when comparing measurement data. Ultimately, according to Dr. Weiß, it is important that, as the long-term comparison of the measurement data, e.g. also at the locations in Stuttgart (Neckartor and Hohenheimer Straße), shows, the environmental pollutants in the air are continuously decreasing and the trend is thus moving in the right direction. It is equally important to measure with high-quality and certified measuring instruments so that one can rely on the data. Here Palas® offers proven and reliable measurement technology up to particles in the nano range.

After the discussion and the lectures, both politicians expressed their thanks for "new information and exciting insights".

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