M.A. Linda Münnig
9. Nov. 2017 (10:40) 
8th - 10th of November 2017 in Shanghai

See several Palas® devices on-site at our booth (hall 2J51):

Stand (7).jpg
Promo ® 2000 for

  • Emission monitoring of installations
  • Control of grinding and classification processes
  • Monitoring of production processes in the food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries
  • Testing of complete filters, inertial and wet separators or electrostatic precipitators

Fidas ® Frog for determination and surveillance of air quality

  • in indoor areas, e.g. offices, schools, sports halls, passenger cabins (such as car interiors, buses, airplanes, ships)
  • at working places even with high particle concentrations (HSE)
  • real-time mass determination and particle size determination, configuration of different limit values
  • assignation of emission source (several Fidas® Frog linked in a network)

Stand (3).jpg On-site our Sales Partners A & P Instrument Co. Ltd., Cross-Tech Equipment Co. Ltd. and Palas® Sales & Applications Engineer Sven Schütz will be pleased to answer all of your questions!

Please contact our Sales Team (Phone: +49 721 96213-0) whether the device you are interested in is available during your visit.

M.A. Linda Münnig
6. Nov. 2017 (13:10) 
Meeting with experts

Once again, this year's American Aerosol Association Conference in Rayleigh, USA from 16th – 20th of October was a great opportunity to meet with experts, friends and customers around the world and discuss the latest news and developments in aerosol science.

Sales Manager Ralf Emberger (Palas®), Division Manager Nanoparticle Measurement Systems Dr.-Ing. Frederik Weis (Palas®), Sales Partner Dominick Carluccio (CH Technologies) (f. l. t. r.)

Supported by Dominick Carluccio (from our longterm Sales Partner CH Technologies), we had great attendance and positive feedback at our booth as well as on the hands-on tutorial for our nanoparticle measurement systems given by our Division Manager Dr.-Ing. Frederik Weis.

During interesting on-site discussions at our booth, the scientists and customers especially appreciated the unique design of the fine dust measuring device Fidas ® Frog and the great flexibility of our U-SMPS and aerosol spectrometer Promo ® 2000 .

We look back on a successful week with new and well-known customers, valuable inputs and good times in Rayleigh.
M.A. Linda Münnig
2. Nov. 2017 (16:55) 
A look back at an exciting fair participation

In cooperation with our long-term sales partner CH Technologies we successfully took part in the Filtration 2017 from 10-12.10.2017 in Chicago .

IMG_20171011_164917.jpg Enthusiasts on-site: Sven Schütz, Daniel Bachman and Ralf Emberger (f. l. t. r.)

On-site, Sven Schütz (Sales and Applications Engineer at Palas®), Daniel Bachman (CH Technologies) and Ralf Emberger (Sales Manager at Palas®) could acquire new prospective customers for the aerosol spectrometer Promo ® 2000 and Fidas ® Frog , our popular fine dust measuring device in small size. Both of the devices were presented at our booth.

M.A. Linda Münnig
6. Oct. 2017 (10:25) 
Positive summary of our exhibition appearance

We summarized our exhibition appearance on Powtech 2017 positively and appreciate new contacts and inquiries!

On site, we presented the scattered light-based aerosol spectrometer Promo ® 3000 H with heating regulation up to 250 °C for welas® aerosol sensors, the fine dust measuring system Fidas ® Frog , the new autonomous aerosol generator PAG 1000 and the modified dust measuring device DustView II for the comparison of dust development from powders and bulk material.

SAM_8469.JPG SAM_8482.JPG
M.A. Linda Münnig
12. Sep. 2017 (08:10) 
The condensation particle counter UF-CPC 100 from Palas® is now in operation in the Alps at an elevation of 3,106 meters at the Observatory Sonnblick.

Sonnblick Observatorium_frei FW_1.JPG The highest meteorological observation station of Austria, operated by the “Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG)” in Vienna, has been in operation for over 130 years, nearly without interruption. Since 1986, air chemistry background measurements are also performed at the observatory in addition to meteorological observations. Apart from many other research projects, studies on air quality management and the transport of air pollution were expanded during the past years and climate research was accelerated.

Since November 2016, the condensation particle counter UF-CPC 100 was first in operation during a trial measuring campaign and was then delivered to the researchers of the observatory in August 2017.

The UF-CPC 100 measures the total particle concentration of ultrafine and nanoparticles in the air or other carrier gases. A special advantage of the measuring device, which also convinced the operators of the Observatory Sonnblick, is the innovative and patented supply of the working fluid. This permits using water as working fluid, in addition to the standard operation with butanol.

A Palas® Promo 3000 H with two heatable welas® aerosol sensors supplies reliable data on particle concentrations (quantity and PM-values) and particle size distributions of fine dust particles already since 2015 at the observatory. What’s more, the heatable welas® aerosol sensors allow performing studies on cloud and droplet formation through temperature effects.

Further information on the condensation particle counters from Palas ®
Further information on the Observatory Sonnblick