M.A. Linda Münnig
13. Dec. 2017 (09:00) 
Dilution systems that can be used in particular to make highly concentrated solid particle aerosols for particle measurement devices measurable in terms of the particle concentration have been used successfully in practice for around 40 years now.

However, all conventional dilution systems share the problem that they are not able to dilute droplet aerosols in the required manner. The reason for this is that the conventional dilution systems act here as a separator for droplets larger than 3 µm.

This is why Palas® has developed a further dilution system in addition to the tried-and-tested models DC 10000, KHG 10, PMPD 100 and the VKL system in the form of the LDD (Large Droplet Diluter), which solves this problem.

The technical basis of this device is a well-known principle that has now been optimized for the first time for the dilution of highly concentrated droplet aerosols. With the aid of this system it is possible to dilute droplets with a size of 8 µm with a factor of 10 or 100 and to make them available for measuring devices.

Applications for this include, for example, the testing of oil separators in air compressors or oil separators that are used in crankcases in engine construction. Here, the particle spectrum of the oil mists can range up to a size of 8 μm. As they are present in very high concentrations, they need to be reliably diluted in order to make their particles measurable at all.

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