Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hogekamp
7. Feb. 2018 (13:48) 
Our very successful range of fine dust monitors, Fidas® 200, Fidas® 200 E, and Fidas® 200 S, is now also approved according to the latest standard for automated measuring systems for the measurement of the concentration of particulate matter, EN 16450:2017.
As Palas® took the demands of the (then prelimininary) EN 16450 already into account during approval of the Fidas® according to EN 12341 and EN 14907, only a few additional tests at TÜV Rheinland had to be carried out in autumn of 2017 to gain the data necessary for approval. The application has been accepted at the recent session of the responsible board, and TÜV Rheinland informed us in a letter of confirmation, available for download here: Letter of confirmation by TÜV Rheinland .
We expect publication in the German Federal Gazette for spring 2018, followed by publication of a new certificate on .

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