In the northern English city of Newcastle upon Tyne, members of the local citizens' initiative "Space for Heaton" wanted to exactly know the status of air quality in their neighbourhood.

IMG_20170707_105609.jpg IMG_20170707_102033.jpg

Picture: Members of the "Space for Heaton" initiative while measuring with Fidas® Frog. Credit: Aare Puussaar

They participated in the "Sense my Street" project from the University of Newcastle and were thus able to hire various portable monitoring systems to measure air pollution themselves. Among the instruments loaned by the university is also the Fidas® Frog fine dust monitoring system from Palas® with which the fine dust fractions PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 can be measured.

The data measured by the citizens on the way to school or work is collated in the university's Urban Observatory, the biggest real-time communal database in Great Britain. This is how the people of Heaton managed to compare the air quality in their district with the pollution in other regions. The measurement data collected is to contribute to making communal decisions on the basis of sound facts. The general public in Heaton now want broad cycle paths on which children can get to the six different schools safely in this district of Newcastle.

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