Hannah Horn
3. Jul. 2018 (11:05) 
With the new MFP 3000 G, the application range for the MFP series was extended with regards to the new ISO 16890.


With the conversion of the test standard for general ventilation filters from EN 779 to ISO 16890, an additional test aerosol (KCl) with particle sizes up to 10 μm is required besides the well-known requirements according to EN 779 (general ventilation filters), ISO 5011 (motor inlet filters) or ISO 11155-1 (cabin air filters).

With the new KCl aerosol generator LSPG 16890, Palas® is the first manufacturer to produce a stable aerosol for use at low flow rates as required in filter media testing for ISO 16890.
The new KCl aerosol generator LSPG 16890 meets the very high Palas® quality requirements and is used reliably as a generator in the test rigs offered by Palas® in accordance with ISO 16890.

Additionally, the MFP 3000 G is equipped with a new software to follow the test procedure according to ISO 16890 and automatically evaluate ePM1, ePM2.5 and ePM10 efficiencies.

The MFP 3000 offers particular technical advantages in the choice of test conditions and easy operation:
  • Widest range of face velocities from < 2 cm/s up to 1 m/s in suction mode
  • Quasi-simultaneous particle detection in upstream and downstream with Promo® 3000 within one instrument, therefore easy correlation adjustment
  • Wide measurement range from 200 nm up to 40 µm with high resolution (32 intervals per decade). The Promo® 3000 aerosol spectrometer fulfills the requirements according to ASHRAE 52.2, EN 779 and ISO 16890
  • Wide range of aerosol concentrations from < 7 mg/m³ up to > 1 g/m³ (ISO A2 Fine)
  • Highest reproducibility in test results
  • Integrated corona discharging system
  • NEW: DLB 2000 conditions dispersion air for powder generator RBG 1000 to 50 % rel. humidity

The MFP system has proven internationally many times. The modular system offers the opportunity to test filter media quickly, simple and repeatable according to many different norms, like the ISO 16890.
Further information about the MFP 3000 G .

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