Hannah Horn
1. Oct. 2018 (14:22) 
On September 28, 2018, a celebration for employees and guests of honour took place on the Palas® premises.
Around 150 guests took part in this event when Palas GmbH celebrated its 35th anniversary.
The program was variedly mixed: A demonstration of the Fidas® Fly 200 , as well as a balloon launch for a good cause and exciting presentation of the company history, presented by the company founder and managing director Leander Mölter himself.
At this point we would like to let the pictures speak for themselves. Also, we would like to thank all those who have accompanied us for the last 35 years and those who will accompany us for the next 35 years!

mici-20180928-114730-D74_5407.jpg mici-20180928-115023-D81_3901.jpg mici-20180928-120229-D81_4002.jpg mici-20180928-120822-D81_4028.jpg mici-20180928-130849-D81_4189.jpg mici-20180928-153423-D74_5580.jpg mici-20180928-151117-D74_5542.jpg mici-20180928-153916-D74_5631.jpg

© Pictures: Michael M. Roth , 2018.

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