Hannah Calin
18. Dec. 2018 (13:00) 
Breathe London" campaign monitors air quality in the metropolis

Starting in late 2018, a novel, close-meshed network of measuring stations will monitor air quality in the British capital for a period of twelve months, as part of the 'Breathe London' project.


Within the scope of this initiative the operating consortium, involving industry, academia, and a non-profit organisation, also conducts mobile measurements using two "Google Street View Cars" equipped with monitoring equipment. Air Monitors Ltd, sales partner of Palas® GmbH, is responsible for the technical equipment employing a comprehensive set of analyzers for air pollutants.

Mr. Jim Mills, managing director of Air Monitors, stated that the importance of the project can hardly be overestimated. The monitoring network will provide data with high spatial resolution down to individual roads, which is of highest interest to the public and will allow assessment of the effectiveness of measures to improve air quality. These measures include the introduction of a fleet of electric double-decker buses, announced by London’s Mayor Mr. Sadiq Khan, and the expansion of London's proposed ultra-low emission zone.

Onboard the two "Google Street View Cars" Fidas® 200 aerosol spectrometers, which have been specially manufactured by Palas® GmbH to run on the vehicles’ 12 V electrical system, are used for monitoring ambient PM2.5 levels. The Fidas® 200 can determine PM values every second and thus makes it possible to transmit the current PM load from the moving "Google Street View Cars" via mobile network connection to the data management system at intervals of 30 meters. This supports the project goal of creating a new approach to controlling and improving air quality in heavily polluted cities using real-time data.
© Picture by Air Monitors Ltd.


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