Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the need for personal protective equipment such as breathing masks has increased dramatically.
In order to ensure the supply security and thus product availability of certified FFP2/3 masks and medical face masks, production facilities have been subsidized by the German government with up to 40% of the investment costs since June 1, 2020.
Our protective mask testing equipment supports you in the development and quality control of respiratory protection masks.
With the PMFT 1000 test stand, the permeability of both half masks and flat textiles (fleeces) can be tested with oil or NaCl. And this even better than EN 13274-7 by additionally determining the transmittance via the particle size from 100 nm to 3 μm (oil) or from 100 nm to 5 μm (NaCl). Furthermore, respiratory resistance measurements can be carried out with our test stands.
With the Mas-Q-Check the protective effect of the mask is tested with ambient air at the test head in the size range from 140 nm to 10 μm. The protective effect describes the transmittance and leakage of the mask together.
For more than 35 years we have been supporting the measurement of aerosols and the testing of filters and filter media. We would like to make this know-how available and make our contribution to a safe handling of the Covid-19, as this can support authorities, hospitals and health authorities as well as the expansion of mask production in Germany. We would be pleased to develop concrete options for action in dialogue with you and look forward to hearing from you.


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