M.A. Sarah Kunath

31 Aug. 2021 (15:25)

AQ Guard Ambient receives MCERTS approval

Internationally recognized MCERTS Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitor for Palas® fine dust monitor

Palas AQ Guard Ambient, one of the most advanced compact analyzers for determining ambient air quality, has been approved as MCERTS Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitor on August, 31st 2021.
AQ Guard Ambient is an optical scattered light aerosol spectrometer featuring single particle analysis. Derived from the EN 16450 certified Fidas® 200 the AQ Guard Ambient utilizes the same sophisticated algorithms for simultaneous measurement of PM10 and PM2.5, and can be calibrated by the operator in the same way on site using Palas’ certified MonoDust test powder.
MCERTS as reliable source
The MCERTS certification scheme is based on internationally accepted standards regarding immission control and approval of devices. Certification involves thorough scrutinizing of the analyzer as well as field test campaigns for comparison with the official reference method. It ensures the reliability of the analyzer as well as the reliability of the data. The AQ Guard Ambient demonstrated a performance level considerably above the requirements for indicative analyzers during type approval, assuming the leading position in its class.
Air quality is quality of life

Every adult breathes 20.000 times a day, inhaling in addition to other substances air pollutants such as fine dust. Due to the health hazards that are known to be related to fine dust each of us should be interested in reliable information about air quality. AQ Guard Ambient provides that information – precisely and reliably.



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