M.A. Sarah Kunath
8. Mar. 2022 (11:57) 
With integrated pump or pressure-proof - Palas® presents three new aerosol generators for dust dispersion and meets all the reqirements you possibly could have

Karlsruhe, March 8th, 2022: Palas GmbH from Karlsruhe, Germany, will present three new aerosol generators for dust dispersion from the RBG systems range at FILTECH in Cologne.

For mass flows from 40 mg/h to 800 g/h, the three new aerosol generators RBG professional , RBG basic and RBG solo meet all current requirements in many areas - from research to quality assurance and calibration.

The feed for the storage container filled with dust or powder is provided by state-of-the-art stepper motor technology, which ensures precise feeding to the dispersing brush over a wide mass range.

The RBG professional is also designed to be pressure-resistant up to 10 bar and is equipped with automatic volume flow control. This ensures high stability of dispersion performance over a wide range of applications, even with fluctuating supply pressure.

A pump for supplying carrier air is installed in the RBG solo . This means that the unit can be used anywhere even without a compressed air supply.

All models also offer the option of remote control via PC using the Palas® RBGControl software, which is included in the scope of delivery.

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Palas GmbH

Eva-Maria Erler

Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication

Phone: +49 721 96213 133


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