M.A. Sarah Kunath
18. Jul. 2022 (08:51) 
2022 the Stockholm Port Authority decided to investigate emissions from cruise ships docked at Stadsgården with the help of the Fidas® Smart 100 from Palas GmbH and more devices may follow

At the beginning of 2022, the Stockholm Port Authority decided to investigate emissions from cruise ships docked at Stadsgården. The ships are not connected to the power grid during their stay of at least 24 hours and have to generate their own electricity via diesel generators on board. The compact measuring device for determining ambient air quality Fidas® Smart 100 from Palas GmbH has already been installed at the port of Stockholm, more to follow.

Cruise ships produce large quantities of air pollutants. But how great is the danger for people who live or work near harbors and ports? To answer this question, the City of Stockholm is using measuring devices from Palas® and will be carrying out measurements between May and September - with the option of an extension. Only with precise measurement data, invisible threats in the air can be made visible. And also they can be used to make reliable statements about the air quality on site and – if necessary – to take appropriate countermeasures.

The challenge now is to accurately record the tracks of the cruise ships, because factors such as weather, wind direction and the quantity or location of the ships naturally also play an important role here. The City of Stockholm has detailed schedules for all ships coming in and can use the measurement data to closely monitor and analyze the pollution in the air.

Fidas® Smart 100 continuously and reliably analyzes airborne particulate matter in the size range 0.175 - 20 μm and is released and approved by TÜV for PM2.5 for official measurements. Fidas® Smart 100 thus provides comprehensive and accurate information on fine dust particles, which is only possible in this form with a counting single particle measurement method.

The city of Stockholm and the port authority hope to get clear results from this measurement data to see how serious the air pollution is, that are made from cruise ship. This is the only way to make valid statements about possible effects on people and the environment. The measurement phase - and thus initial evaluations - are scheduled to run until September, with an option to extend.

Every year, there are approximately 300 ship arrivals in Stockholm with more than 500,000 passengers. There are a total of four cruise port terminals in Stockholm. The berth Stadsgården is located about 1 km south of the old town Gamla Stan and ideal for large cruise ships.

Read the complete success story here.


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