It is harmful to breathe in fine dust. Hence limit values for fine dust were defined from the EU in the Directives 1999/30/EC and 2008/50/EC for the mass concentrations PM10 and PM2.5.

As Palas® is the market-leading manufacturer of optical aerosol spectrometers, it was the obvious step in 2010 to develop and build an optical fine dust measuring device that would not only be capable of supplying in real-time and simultaneously the PM values PMtotal, PM10, PM4, PM2.5 and PM1, but also the corresponding particle number and particle size distribution in the measurement range down to 0.18 to 18 µm for every interesting point in time.

The Fidas® fine dust monitoring systems are characterized by high performance, which amongst others was proven within the scope of the type-approval test and certification of the Fidas® 200 systems.

The comparison of the generated dust content, e.g. during the filling of powders, can be performed clearly, reproducibly and particularly cost-effectively with the new DustView II - an ideal tool for quality assurance when handling powders.