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Measure fine dust: In industry, municipalities and households

As a leading manufacturer of fine dust measuring instruments, Palas GmbH is an expert for the effects, origin and avoidance of fine dust in the air.
We produce particle measuring instruments for indoor and outdoor use and cover all aspects of particle and fine dust measurement, from ultra-fine dust in the laboratory to CO2 pollution in cities and communities.
In general, dust becomes "fine dust" if particles have an average of less than 10 micrometers (also abbreviated as PM10 from the English "particle matter = PM"). In general, particulate matter pollution affects the health of people in different environments. At the workplace (e.g. laboratory or workshop), the lungs are exposed to completely different levels than in private homes. In addition, fine dust in agriculture can also affect the health of animals.
In contrast to everyday situations, other limit values must also be taken into account in industrial production. Ultra-fine dust can, for example, impair the functionality of laser production or the manufacture of computer chips. For public spaces, the Federal Environment Agency has set clear limit values for air pollution, which are reassessed annually.
Our fine dust sensors therefore have different functions and sensitivities depending on the area of application. Our patented hardware and software solutions are in use worldwide and measure, inform and protect against fine dust pollution in professional environments and immediately show changes in air quality.



Palas® founds advisory board

The particle measurement technology specialist Palas® from Karlsruhe has founded an advisory board in July 2019 to support the management of the company as a strategic sparring partner in the long-term further development. Members of the advisory board are Dr. Christian Debus and Andreas Rapp.


Successful Sales Partner Meeting 2019

With 36 participants of 23 of our worldwide active 31 Palas® Sales Partners, who distribute our products in more than 50 countries, the Sales Partner Meeting from July 10 - 12, 2019, was very well attended again.

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