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TÜV and MCERTS certified

Our devices of the Fidas® 200 series are suitability-tested for the simultaneous, continuous monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5 according to the guidelines VDI 4202-1, VDI 4203-3, EN 12341, EN 14907, EN 16450 and the EU Equivalence Guide and are certified by TÜV Rheinland according to the guidelines EN 15267-1 and -2.

In addition, the Fidas® 200, Fidas® 200 E and Fidas® 200 E are also approved and certified in the UK in accordance with the "MCERTS Performance Standards for CAMS" and "MCERTS for UK Particulate Matter" (Defra Approval) requirements. (About the product )

In addition, the Fidas® Smart 100 is also MCERTS certified and TÜV suitability tested. (About the product)


MyAtmosphere is a modern environmental measurement system for smart cities and large areas such as industrial facilities or construction sites. Via the cloud-based data platform, Palas measuring devices can be easily and flexibly connected to a measuring network.

The collected data can then be managed and analyzed. Regardless of the area in which area the air quality should be measured and monitored: On the data platform, users can see current and precise measurement results, which are processed and visualized in real time. In this way, the required measures can be derived simply, quickly and without any effort.

Learn more on my-atmosphere.net

On show: AQ Guard Smart 1000, RBG professional


AQ Guard Smart 1000

Measuring device for monitoring outdoor air quality. Highly accurate fine dust measurement with optional sensors for gas measurement.


RBG professional

Generation of test aerosols from powders, pollen, and spores for operation up to 10 bar counterpressure, mass flow approx. 0.04 – 800 g/h



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