Environment Applications

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Serenity in Nature: Woman Standing in Green Field, Basking in Sunlight and Clean Air


Aerosol charge Occupational health and safety Respiratory air Ambient air CEN 16976 Covid-19 DEHS UAV | boat | vehicle Pressure-tight Emission EN 16450 External sensor Fine dust Solid dispersion Liquid disperser Heatable HORUS Octocopter Indoor monitoring ISO 15900 Isokinetic Calibration material Calibration Cascadable Continuously Concentration measurement Air quality Mass output Mobile Modular Monodisperse Nanoparticle Surface covering Oil PM0.1 PM2.5;PM10 PN Sampling Quality control Clean room Bulk solids Protective housing Nozzle Dust formation Superemitter Superspreader TÜV-certified Ultrafine dust (UFP) Environmental monitoring Dilution Virus protection

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