Palas® has developed the bioaerosol calibration chamber CCB 3000 for characterizing and comparing bioaerosol generators and bioaerosol collecting systems.

CCB-3000_freigestellt.jpg The CCB 3000 already complies with the requirements of the latest VDI-Guideline 4258, which is currently being prepared and describes chambers and test channels for characterizing and comparing bioaerosol generators and collecting systems. The CCB 3000 was developed and built upon suggestion of Univ.Prof. Dr. Joseph Strauss from the AIT Tulln (Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH) by Palas®.

Aerosols from different starting materials can be used in the bioaerosol calibration chamber. Various dusts (Arizona test dust, wood dust, dust from agricultural operations) and suspensions (fungi and bacteria suspensions) were successfully used in the CCB 3000. Vital spores and spores capable of forming colonies could be introduced, collected and then compared in the area of fungi and bacteria spores.

Special consideration was given to the consistency of the aerosol distribution within the test chamber in all three directions, which was confirmed in the test. The bioaerosol chamber is therefore particularly excellent for the comparison or characterization of several measuring devices that shall be supplied with an equally distributed aerosol.

Further information on the CCB 3000

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