M.A. Linda Münnig
13. Dec. 2017 (09:10) 
The development of a new KCl aerosol generator that meets the requirements set out in ISO 16890 is now completed.

This generator (LSPG 16890), another innovation from Palas®, can generate salt particles in a size up to 10 μm with the highest consistency. And this at the low aerosol concentrations that are required for filter media testing with small air volume flows.

In the past, the special requirements for salt aerosols (KCl) in accordance with the new ISO 16890 could only be realized on large complete filter test rigs with air volume flows between 800 and 5000 m³/h. With the new KCl aerosol generator, Palas® is closing the gap in demand for application in filter media testing for small volume flows up to 72 m³/h.

In addition to high dosing consistency, the LSPG 16890 also stands out with simple operation and ease of cleaning when using KCl solutions.

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