Eva-Maria Erler
16. Nov. 2020 (11:10) 
Palas offers mask tests for operators of pharmacies, clinics and care facilities, but also large companies or other institutions.

The fact that many of the protective masks in circulation do not sufficiently protect against the small corona virus has been frequently reported and proven in the media in recent weeks. Therefore Palas GmbH offers to test and qualitatively evaluate mask types with the high-precision protective mask tester PMFT 1000 M. Operators of pharmacies, clinics and care facilities, but also large companies or other institutions, which need many masks for their employees and customers, can have their masks in use tested quickly and easily by this quality test.

The Palas GmbH has tested and evaluated masks in the last weeks as an expert for aerosol technology for different TV stations and editorial offices (selection see below). Since the beginning of the year the company already offers measurements for quality assurance and product improvement as service for manufacturers, importers or dealers of protective masks. Since then Palas has tested more than a thousand masks.

All measurements resulted in a uniform picture: Numerous masks - whether FFP-2 or FFP-3 - are qualitatively insufficient and there are isolated masks with extremely poor quality. This is a frightening result, because the end customers use the masks with the expectation to protect themselves and others - possibly risk patients.

"Unfortunately, we cannot and must not disclose our previous results for data protection reasons. Some tests for television were also carried out anonymously. But we would like to offer our help in the current situation. We have the necessary expertise and above all the equipment to test the purchased masks precisely so that the end customer can be sure that his mask keeps what it promises", explains Dr. Weiß, CEO of Palas GmbH.

A further problem besides the insufficiently produced and partly fake CE-marked masks is the standard itself, with which the masks are tested in certified test institutes. Thus FFP2 masks are actually designed for coarser dust particles and not for smallest aerosols. Small virus particles penetrate the masks much more easily, with a penetration of far more than 6%.

In order to make the quality of the masks recognizable to end customers, the Karlsruhe-based company is also introducing a quality label. This shows immediately and clearly how safe the masks are - in line with the energy efficiency label.

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Further information about Palas GmbH (only in German):

In the last months Palas® has made a name for itself especially with solutions for the containment of the corona pandemic. Already in July 2020, the company, together with the independent testing service provider TÜV NORD and BASF, developed a new mask test laboratory on the BASF Innovation Campus in Shanghai, in which Palas® testing agents are used. The initiative thus supports the Federal Ministry of Health in the procurement of masks from China for medical and non-medical purposes. The PMFT 1000 is also in use here.

In addition, the company has developed two further devices this year, which can also contribute to the containment of the corona pandemic. The Infection Risk Monitor measuring system measures the smallest airborne particles, including virus-laden aerosol particles, and, if the concentration is too high, informs the people in the room of this danger. The special feature of this device is that it measures not only the virus-laden aerosol droplets but also the CO2 concentration in the air.

And in September this year Palas® presented its new exhalation device, the Resp-Aer-Meter . This allows the measurement of particle size and number in the air breathed and the identification of possible superemitters.


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