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26 Mar. 2021 (16:56)

Take a deep breath before every game

Handball Bundesliga team MT Melsungen uses the Resp-Aer-Meter from Palas GmbH

Melsungen, March 2021 - Handball Bundesliga club MT Melsungen is relying on a comprehensive and innovative concept to provide players and staff with the best possible protection against corona infection. The Resp-Aer-Meter from Palas GmbH in Karlsruhe is used for this purpose.

Before each encounter, the players take a deep breath and "blow" into the Resp-Aer-Meter. Here, the aerosol concentration of the exhaled air breathed is measured.

Why? Research has shown that the Corona virus is transmitted via the air we breathe - through so-called aerosols. Aerosols are formed in the lungs, among other places. Viruses, such as the Corona virus, can attach themselves to these tiny particles and are exhaled with them. People who are in the vicinity of an infected person can in turn breathe in these aerosols and become infected.

"The amount of exhaled aerosols varies among people." Explains Dr.-Ing. Frederik Weis, head of development at Palas GmbH. "This also means that people are contagious in different ways." When it comes to the risk of infection, it further plays a role whether one is indoors, how large a room is and how many people are nearby.

MT Melsungen players breathe into the device. The evaluation is immediate: the device shows how many particles of what size are present in the breath. This serves as an indicator of possible illness. If a certain value is exceeded, the person is considered infectious and can thus be isolated from the group before infecting others.

"The use of the Resp-Aer-Meter provides us with additional safety exceeding the mandatory swab testing that we continue to perform on a regular basis in accordance with league regulations. Resp-Aer testing is a valuable preventive measure to minimize the risk of infection from the outset. I will therefore present this innovative method to the league's club general managers and report on our positive experiences," explains MT board member Axel Geerken.

The Palas GmbH contributed its long-standing expertise in the measurement of aerosol particles to the development of the new exhalation measuring device. Palas GmbH received scientific advice and support from renowned expert Dr. Gerhard Scheuch, who is also involved in the project with MT Melsungen. He knows: "Wherever people are relatively close together in enclosed spaces with little fresh air exchange over a long period of time, the risk of infection is very high if there is someone among them who is infectious. In this case, infection with aerosols containing disease-causing viruses occurs through the air we breathe."

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About Palas:

The Palas GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision devices for the generation, measurement and characterization of particles in the air. With numerous active patents Palas® develops technologically leading and certified fine dust and nanoparticle measuring devices, aerosol spectrometers, generators and sensors as well as associated systems and software solutions. Palas® was founded in 1983 and employs about 70 employees at the company headquarters in Karlsruhe. Palas GmbH is a subsidiary of Brockhaus Capital Management AG, which is listed in the Prime Standard at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (BKHT, ISIN: DE000A2GSU42).

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