M.A. Sarah Kunath

14 Apr. 2022 (12:00)

Immission Control during Construction or Demolition Work

Because of site preparation, construction or demolition work, which often causes dust generation and can lead to complaints from residents to the local authorities and industrial inspectorates

Dust development, reporting, evaluation and countermeasures extend over a considerable period of time. This is a severe impediment to effective and timely deployment of immission control measures.
MyAtmosphere is a cloud-based data platform for air quality. The proven Palas® fine dust measuring device AQ Guard Smart, which was developed for use on construction sites, enables the continuous recording, visualization and monitoring of fine dust pollution. Wind direction and speed can also be taken into account.

When limit values are reached, the construction site operator or the responsible authority automatically receives a notification or on-site visual signal, so that dust-reducing actions can be initiated or reinforced. Residents can also obtain information about air quality online.

Construction site operators, authorities and residents always have transparency about the current situation and the possibility to implement the best possible immission protection during construction.

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