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The corporate philosophy of Palas® is characterized by a high quality claim. This concerns not only our technology, but also the contact to our customers. Our consulting and supporting service is directed to a long-term cooperation centering the optimal benefit for our customers. Besides comprehensive services relative to the Palas® technology, we offer also a wide-ranging training programme which is highly practice-oriented.

Training courses

The training courses, which take place on the premises of Palas® in Karlsruhe, are very popular in our branch and regularly booked up. They are offered in German or English language.

These training courses provide in-depth information about the technology behind aerosol generation and dilution as well as important aspects for a correct particle measurement. In addition to the theory these courses share practice-related knowledge for use and the application of new products.

Aerosol Technology Seminar (ATS)

With the Aerosol Technology Seminar (ATS) Palas® has been offering for already 30 years a forum for the exchange of experiences and for discussions to representatives of research and industry. Thus, Palas® is contributing to the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice. The next Aerosol Technology Seminar (ATS) will take place in 2018.

Air Filtration Seminar 2017 -Special-

We cordially invite you to our Palas®Air Filtration Seminar in 2017. This english seminar is intended as a forum, to discuss and debate current issues in filter testing. You will find exciting lectures by speakers from universities and institutes as well as from the industry. The following day, we offer a workshop including a guided tour at Palas®. This workshop will give you an insight into our calibration laboratory with the new calibration test rigs for aerosol spectrometers and condensation particle counters. Look forward to an exciting exchange between science and practice.

Training courses and seminars which take place regularly

  • Training course "Particle measurement from nano to micro" | German or English
  • Training course "Filter Testing" | German or English
  • Training course "Aerosol Generation and Dilution" | German or English
  • Training course "Environmental Measurement" | German or English

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