Comprehensive solution to measure, visualize and documenting  air quality – in real time.

We make air quality visible: by measuring it with our high-precision instruments* and collecting and visualizing it via our cloud-based data platform.

MyAtmosphere is a comprehensive solution for effective and efficient air quality information management – from data collection to communication with third parties. Whether it‘s air pollution caused by urban traffic, construction sites, industry, landfills, or open pit mining: With MyAtmosphere, you can easily monitor, understand and document air quality.

*Instruments are not included.

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Comprehensive know-how of the Palas® aerosol experts
  • High-precision and smart measuring instruments
  • Cloud-based acquisition, analysis and documentation of your collected data
  • Intuitive visualization software
  • Save time and money: no third-party software required for visualization and communication
  • Access data from anywhere, at any time – with any device
  • Simplified management of multiple monitoring projects
  • Integration and remote management of Palas® instruments*

*Not included in MyAtmosphere.


Individual solutions for various industries

  • Network with roads, rails & ports
  • Smart city
  • Open pit mining & landfills
  • Construction sites
  • Industry
  • Natural risk areas
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Technical features

In detail

Reported data
PM1, PM2,5, PM4, PM10, PMTotal, CN, Druck, Temperatur, relative Luftfeuchte
optional: CO, O3, SO2, NO2 (Geräteabhängig)
Data logger storage
1-minute-average for 24 h, 15-minute-average for 2 years

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