BEG 3000

BEG 3000: Automatische Massenstromregelung. Dispergiert Test-Prüfaerosole aus Pulvern, Stäuben, Pollen.
Test aerosols from powder, dust, pollen, etc.; mass flow approx. 8 g/h – 7.3 kg/h with automatic mass flow monitoring and refill unit

The refilling system, with a dosing unit and large storage container (see illustration), ensures continuous dispersion without interruption over several days.

For automatic mass flow control, the metering unit of the BEG 3000 is continuously weighed. The data is constantly recorded and evaluated by a touchscreen PC via a serial interface. Thus, the dispersed dust quantity is known continuously and can be automatically readjusted.

The following inputs can be made for the exact dosing of the aerosol:

  • Input of the mass flow in g/h
  • Automatic mass flow control
  • Recording of powder-specific calibration curves
  • External control via PC or Modbus RTU
  • Network-compatible
Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Excellent short-term and long-term dosing constancy
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Remote control or computer-controlled
  • Pulse mode
  • Easy to fill while in operation
  • Large reservoir (1,500 cm3)
  • Long dosing time over several days with the BEG 3000
  • Robust design, proven in industrial applications
  • Reliable function
  • Reduces your operating expenses
  • Low maintenance

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Loading test of
    • engine filters as per ISO 5011
    • Hot gas filters
    • Bag filters
    • Air filters
    • Cyclones
  • Engine crash tests
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Cement industry
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Technical features

In detail

Particle size range
0.1 – 200 µm
Maximum particle number concentration
Ca. 107 particles/cm3
Volume flow
80 – 165 Nl/min
Mass flow (particles)
Typ A: 8 g – 550 g/h (bezogen auf SAE Fine, A2 Staub), Typ B: 100 – 6.000 g/h (bezogen auf SAE Fine, A2 Staub), Typ C: 350 – 7.300 g/h (bezogen auf SAE Fine, A2 Staub)
Filling quantity
15,000 g
Power supply
115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Particle material
Non-cohesive powders and bulks
Dosing time
Several hours nonstop
4 – 8 bar
Carrier/dispersion gas
Random (generally air)
Compressed air connection
Quick coupling
Aerosol outlet connection
Type A: Øinside = 6.4 mm, Øoutside = 10 mm | Type B: Øinside = 8 mm, Øoutside = 12 mm | Type C: Øinside = 8 mm, Øoutside = 12 mm
Reservoir volume
1,500 cm3

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