Cloud Droplet Analyzer

High-resolution aerosol spectrometer for in-situ cloud monitoring of droplets and ice crystals

The Cloud Droplet Analyzer is a high-resolution optical aerosol spectrometer optimized for measuring size distribution and number concentration of cloud aerosols like droplets and ice crystals.

Operation principle

Individual solutions for various industries

  • In-situ-Cloud monitoring
  • Environmental Research
  • Climate Research
  • Cloud formation
  • Ice Nucleation Events
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Technical features

In detail

Measuring principle
Optical light scattering on single particle with evaluation of signal length and amplitude
Reported data
Particle size distribution, number concentration, water content, mean volume equivalent diameter
Measurement range (number C_N)
0 – 200 particles/cm3
Measurement range (size)
0,6 – 40 µm, 0,8 – 100 µm
Volume flow
5 l/min
USB, Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi, RS-232/485
Data acquisition
Digital, 20 MHz processor, 256 raw data channels

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Product Description

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Palas Application Cloud Droplet Analzer Sonnblick

Palas Poster Cloud Droplet Analyzer Antarctica

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