Nanoparticle counter for ambient air monitoring with Nafion® aerosol dryer (optional) and high volume flow for up to 2 • 106 particles/cm3 (single count mode)


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Nanoparticle counter for ambient air monitoring with Nafion® aerosol dryer (optional) and high volume flow for up to 2 • 106 particles/cm3 (single count mode)


The Palas® condensation particle counter ENVI-CPC 200 is a CPC for environmental ambient air monitoring. Model 200 is appropriate for high concentrations and offers single particle counting up to 2,000,000 particles/cm3. It can be used for ambient air monitoring without a dilution system.

The ENVI-CPC 200 can be equipped with an isothermal Nafion® aerosol dryer that has no consumables and can be used for months without maintenance. The humidity of the aerosol at the inlet is measured and controlled. Additionally, it has a second pump for the working fluid in order to suck it out of a large butanol reservoir. Due to those features it can operate for months without refilling the fluid reservoir.

The cut-off diameter is, as requested for ambient air monitoring CPCs, at 7 nm. Another advantage is the high aerosol flow rate of 1 l/min which reduces diffusion losses to a minimum. The ENVI-CPC 200 can be equipped with a powerful meteorological sensor that monitors ambient air temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation type and intensity. A protective outdoor housing is available.

Counting Efficiency ENVI-CPC.png

Fig. 1: Counting efficiency curve of the ENVI-CPC measured at the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research

The control of the volume flow is enabled by an internal flow sensor with accessed long-life membrane pump. Contrary to a control with critical nozzle a contamination of the system does not lead to an drop of the volume flow. This is important especially for long-time measurements in ambient air. Additionally, the volume flow can be calibrated afterwards by the user.

As user interface the ENVI-CPC 200 has a 7“ touch display. For remote and network applications the ENVI-CPC 200 supports a standardised interface with different protocol choices, e.g. Modbus, Bayern-Hessen protocol and features like remote access and data storage in the internet or in an internal network.


  • The unique, patented way of providing the working fluid for unattended operation of months
  • Depending on the sensor used (exchangeable by the user), the ENVI-CPC counts up to 2,000,000 particles/cm3 in count mode
  • Ambient air monitoring without dilution system
  • Integrated computer with 7'' touch screen
  • Intuitive user interface with sophisticated software for data evaluation
  • Integrated data logger
  • Limitless integrated network connectivity that supports remote operation and data storage in the internet
  • Powerful software package


Interfaces USB, LAN, RS-232/485
Measurement range (size)
4 – 5,000 nm
Measurement range (number CN)
2 • 106 particles/cm3 (single count), 2 • 106 – 107 particles/cm3 (photometric)
Volume flow 0.9 l/min
Data acquisition
Digital, 20 MHz processor, 256 raw data channels
Light source
LED: High stability, long-lasting
User interface
Touch screen, 800 • 480 pixel, 7"
Dimensions 33 • 38 • 24 cm (H • W • D)
approx. 10 kg
5% (single count mode); 10% (nephelometric mode)
Response time t90 = 3 s
Operation liquid Butanol
Installation conditions
+10 – +30 °C (others on demand)


  • Aerosol research
  • Environmental measurements
  • Evironmental monitoring networks
  • Workplace safety and exposure studies
  • Traffic emission monitoring
  • Health Studies
  • Mobile aerosol studies

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