HMT 1000 P

Heatable modular testing system for oil nebulizers better as ISO 17536 with +/- 200 mbar control

The quality control and development of separators should be preferably accomplished under practice-relevant test conditions. Oil separators must therefore be tested under the application conditions at high temperatures up to 120 °C and, depending on its application field, at high pressures.

As a unique feature, the HMT 1000 P version of the test rig offers the control of upstream absolute pressure to ± 200 mbar at the entrance of the test room or test filters.

With the modular testing system, HMT 1000 P oil separators can, e. g. for the separation of blow-by aerosols in combustion engines or the separation of oil vapour behind compressors, be characterized fast and precisely and, above all, be tested isothermally up to 120 °C in step with actual practice:

  • Fractional separation efficiency
  • Loading time/Lifetime
  • Total separation efficiency/gravimetry
  • Pressure drop
Norms and certificates

National and international standards

ISO 17536

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Detection and evaluation of the fractional separation efficiency and loading
  • Isothermal and isobaric measurement
  • All components heatable up to 120 °C
  • The inlet pressure at the test filter can be controlled in the range of ± 200 mbar
  • High reproducibility of the test procedure
  • Internationally comparable measuring results due to the wide distribution of the measuring system
  • Cleaning and calibration can be accomplished by the customer himself
  • Easy to handle, short training even of untrained staff
  • Flexibility due to modular set-up
  • Proof of the clear function of single components and the complete system during pre-acceptance and delivery
  • Reliable function
  • Short set-up times, extremely low maintenance
  • Reduces your operating expenses

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Quality assurance for oil separators
  • New and further development of oil separators, e.g. coalescence separators, cyclonic separators and other inertia separators, electrofilters and filter combinations, e.g. for
    • Blow-by aerosols
    • Oil mist downstream of compressors
    • Cooling lubricants on machine tools
    • Aerosols for minimal quantity lubrication
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Technical features

In detail

Measurement range (number C_N)
Up to 107 particles/cm3 with LDD100 H
Measurement range (size)
0.18 – 40 µm
Volume flow

1 – 25 Nm3/h, 1 – 85 Nm3/h (others on request)
Differential pressure measurement
0 – 5,000 Pa (others on request)
Compressed air supply
6 – 8 bar
0.2 – 0.2 barg relative
Approx. 1,780 • 2,240 • 800 mm (H • W • D)

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