LDD 10

Dilution system for large droplets up to 10 µm


LDD 10: Verdünnungssystem, Tröpfchenaerosole

LDD 10

Dilution system for large droplets up to 10 µm

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Dilution system for large droplets up to 10 µm

The dilution of large droplets is particularly important when measuring highly concentrated droplet aerosols. Since large droplets are difficult to dilute, standard systems only work up to a size of 1 - 2 μm The newly developed dilution system LDD 10 (dilution factor 10) is the first system to dilute almost loss-free large droplets up to 10 μm

The good dilution factor of large droplets was tested with monodisperse DEHS droplets (oil) of different sizes. The results for the sizes 5 μm and 7 μm are shown in Table 1.

Tabelle 1 LDD 10.png

Chart 1: Dilution of monodisperse DEHS droplets with LDD 10

Abbildung LDD 100.png

Fig. 1: Distribution of LDD 100 (7 μm)


  • Defined dilution of large droplets of factor 10
  • Proven dilution factor 10 and 100 for droplet sizes up to 7 μm
  • Easy connection with Promo® and welas® digital aerosol spectrometers
  • Internal pump for on-site operation
  • Insensitive to pressure fluctuations of ± 200 mbar
  • Simple handling
  • Robust, durable, low maintenance
  • Cost effective



  • Measurement of blow-by aerosols according to ISO 17536
  • Dilution of compressed air
  • Measurement of cooling lubricant aerosols


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