Software for particle and concentration analysis with welas®digital and Promo®aerosol spectrometers

The PDControl software is designed for measurement value acquisition and data analysis by all the welas® digital and Promo® systems. It enables quick and easy particle size and concentration analysis.

The PDControl software provides special advantages for analyzing rapid changes in concentration and particle size distributions using the high time resolution of 10 ms, depending on the measurement system. In addition, PDControl enables the transparent display of measured distributions with analysis of the coincidence percentage, as per Dr. Umhauer and Prof. Sachweh (see last figure). Palas® software solutions in particle measurement technology, filter testing, and test rig control are based on our many years of experience. They have been continuously optimized and further developed in close collaboration with our international customers based on their requirements. As a result, Palas® software is efficient and provides many advantages in daily applications.

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Optimal information content:
    • Display of distributions in the diagram and table form: Number, area, volume, concentration (number and mass)
    • Comparison of multiple distributions in one diagram
    • Display of the time sequence of statistical values
    • Analysis of 14 statistical values
  • Acquisition and analysis in as little as 10 ms, ideal for rapid, unsteady processes
  • Coincidence analysis
  • Simultaneous measurement with multiple welas® digital or Promo® systems
  • Also able to be used with other particle measuring devices
  • Acquisition by four external sensor signals in parallel with particle measurement, e.g., differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity, volume flow, etc.
  • Clear structure
  • Easy installation on the PC
  • Short processing times
  • Regular updates via the Internet free of charge
  • Easy to transfer data to Excel
  • Unlimited copies for various workstations within a company
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable function
  • Reduces your operating expenses

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Particle measurement and particle size analysis
  • Measurement of MDI/DPI inhalers and nebulizers
  • Emission and immission measurements
  • Analysis of rapid, unsteady processes
  • Smoke detector tests
  • Particle measurement for clouding processes
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Technical features

In detail

Operating system
Windows® 7, Windows® 10
Min. Pentium I5, 2000 MHz
User memory
From 4 GB
Screen resolution
15.6" (min.1600 • 900 for Notebooks), 24" (min. 1920 • 1080 for PCs)
Measurement devices
welas® digital System, U-SMPS System, Promo® System

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Product Description

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