welas® digital System

Aerosol spectrometer for very precise particle size and concentration analyses in temperatures from -120 °C to 470 °C and in overpressure up to 10 bar

Aerosol spectrometer with an aerosol sensor, highest particle size resolution, measuring range from 200 nm to 100 µm with light wave conductor technology
Aerosol spectrometer with two aerosol sensors, highest particle size resolution, measuring range from 200 nm to 100 µm for quasi simultaneous measurements

Due to the patented T-aperture technology and the fast digital signal processing, the Palas® optical aerosol spectrometers are the only systems worldwide without edge zone errors, with coincidence detection, and with coincidence correction.

Also unique are the up to four measurement ranges in one instrument:

  • 0.12 µm - 3.5 µm (additionally in the welas® digital 1000 and the Promo® 1000)
  • 0.2 µm - 10 µm
  • 0,3 µm - 17 µm
  • 0.6 µm - 40 µm
  • 2 µm - 100 µm (additionally for sensors 2300 and 2500)

Up to 128 size channels per measuring range and a concentration range from < 1 particle/cm3 to 106 particles/cm3 distinguish the welas® digital system and Promo® system.

The welas® digital technology allows the unambiguous measurement of the particle size at the single particle, without dilution, even in the highest concentrations up to 106 particles/cm3. The patented fiber optic technology allows the quasi-simultaneous measurement at two measuring points at a distance of up to 100 m with one device and two sensors.

Worldwide unique: The wide range of the easily exchangeable welas® aerosol sensors allows the optimal adjustment of the measuring technique to the particle spectrum to be measured (120 nm - 100 µm), the required particle concentration, the respective pressure, and temperature range.

The calibration can be carried out independently by the user on-site!

This enables a safe and economical particle size and concentration analysis even in challenging environments.

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