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Do you have any technical problems concerning one of your products from Palas® you cannot solve on your own? Do not hesitate and contact our service or call us:

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With its special test systems Palas® verifies all important device characteristics for the calibration of particle measuring devices.

This service is not limited to Palas® equipment. Commercial aerosol generators, aerosol spectrometers and clean room particle counters made by other manufacturers can be tested and calibrated here as well.

After the measurement the device in question is provided with a Palas® calibration certificate.

Important device characteristics

  • Size resolution
  • Size classification
  • Lower and upper counting efficiency

Palas® services

  • Calibration of dilution systems
    • Determination of dilution factors and of the transfer function
    • Depending on the particle size
  • Calibration of aerosol generators
    • Determination of the particle size distribution
    • Determination of the particle concentration
    • Determination of the mass concentration
  • Further services
    • Filter media test
    • Filter test on site
    • Particle size analysis

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