Palas 4 Health

P4 Health stands for
  • Solutions that directly or indirectly focus on the health of people and the environment
  • Precise measurement technology as a professional basis for medical and health issues
  • Monitoring of air quality at the highest level
  • Measuring device for rapid determination of particles in the respiratory air in the size range of viruses such as Covid-19
  • Testing of respiratory filters better than the standard: fast and reliable


  • Industry:
    • Production processes
    • Bulk material handling (mixing, discharge, storage, packaging etc.)
    • Fenceline Monitoring
  • Construction sites: Roads, railroads, demolition sites
  • Buildings: Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, offices, public service buildings
  • Residential buildings near construction sites or other polluted areas
  • Public transportation: Airports, train stations, tramway & underground stations, cruise ships, passenger cabin, e.g. in tram, train
  • Reliable continuous operation in routine monitoring of half masks
  • Test of total penetration for respiratory masks
  • Exact analysis of filter mask efficiency for e.g., Coronavirus
  • Can be operated as Mas-Q-Check with optional Mas-Q-Head
  • Detection of potential superemitters (Covid-19, flu virus)
    • in industry, e.g. meat processing, automotive, chemistry
    • in airports, train stations, public buildings
    • at events such as trade fairs and seminars
    • in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Medical-scientific research, to answer questions such as
    • Do infectious respiratory diseases differ by exhaled particle size distribution?
    • Is an increased particle concentration in the breath due to a specific particle size range?
    • How do disease variations or personal characteristics (age, BMI, previous diseases...) influence the outcome?


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