Late 2018 until late 2019, a close-meshed network of measuring stations has monitored air quality in the British capital London as a part of the ‘Breathe London’ project.
Within the scope of this initiative, mobile measurements were carried out using two "Google Street View Cars" equipped with monitoring equipment. Amongst others, the precisely and continuously measuring Fidas® fine dust monitors were also installed in these vehicles. ACOEM Air Monitors , sales partner of Palas®, was responsible for the technical equipment employing a comprehensive set of analyzers for air pollutants ( Palas® reported ).
Now the 'Breathe London' project has been selected as the winner of the SMART50 Award in the Digital Transformation category.
“The benefits of hyperlocal air quality data are already being realised in London and we hope that this can be recreated all over the world. The measurement of air pollution at an unprecedented scale and scope helps to identify pollution hotspots and informs the design and assessment of mitigation measures. It also provides local information that helps citizens take their own pollution reduction initiatives and make informed decisions such as where to walk, cycle, play and live”, says Felicity Sharp, Managing Director of ACOEM Air Monitors.

We congratulate cordially on the award and are pleased to have made a significant contribution with our high-quality fine dust measurement technology!

Learn more about our fine dust measuring devices.


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