Marie Bohlen

26 Mar. 2024 (15:25)

Sunny Insights from the Sonnblick Observatory

Discover how the Cloud Droplet Analyzer, stationed at the heights of the Sonnblick Observatory, is transforming our understanding of cloud formation in the face of climate change.

Situated at the Sonnblick Observatory at an altitude of 3,106 meters where weather extremes are common, the Cloud Droplet Analyzer's heated sampling head ensures uninterrupted data collection. This is crucial for advancing our knowledge on how cloud formation can change due to the climate change.

But what makes the Cloud Droplet Analyzer truly special, is the wide range of locations where the device can be set up. No matter if it’s the desert of Jordan or at a measuring station in the middle of Antarctica. Demanding weather conditions don’t stop the device to present you with accurate and valuable data.

As climate change continues to alter our planet's weather patterns, understanding these complex interactions is more important than ever. The Cloud Droplet Analyzer's data will be instrumental in refining our predictions for the future climate, offering hope for better-prepared societies.

Look at some of the photos our colleague Sergej Sel took while installing the Cloud Droplet Analyzer at the Sonnblick Observatory:





More information about the Cloud Droplet Analyzer: Cloud Droplet Analyzer

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