P-MFP inline 2300

Inline penetration test concerning the quality of the filter material directly during production


P-MFP inline 2300

Inline penetration test concerning the quality of the filter material directly during production

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The P-MFP inline 2300 enables 100 % control of flat filtration media without influencing it. Based on the measuring principle of single particle measurement, aerosol photometer, aerosol generator and a custom-made measuring carriage become the P-MFP inline 2300. This allows penetration/filter efficiency, as well as pressure drop and breathing resistance to be measured at 100 % of the material, thus providing a statement on quality. In manufacturing and processing plants, this data can also be used to control processes. It is also possible to use the P-MFP inline 2300 as a "stand-alone" solution and thus perform outgoing and incoming goods inspections.

In the P-MFP inline 2300, the belt material is fed through a custom-made carriage and exposed to salt aerosols via an aerosol generator. This is medical-grade salt aerosol with an extremely low mass concentration. This prevents the belt material and its filtration properties from being affected. The aerosol spectrometer measures the aerosol concentration before and after the filtration medium, thus measuring the filter efficiency. Differential pressure sensors are also used to measure the pressure difference, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the breathing resistance.

Depending on the application, the P-MFP inline 2300 can be implemented directly in the production line or as a separate measuring station. Thus, it is possible to qualify 100 % of the strip material.


  • 100 % quality control
  • Continuous monitoring and logging of actual product quality
  • Filtration characteristics as well as pressure difference and/or respiration resistance for the entire belt material
  • Individually adjustable limit values related to particle concentration difference and/or pressure difference
  • Possibilities for incoming as well as outgoing goods inspection
  • Cost optimization
  • Reduction of rejects
  • Optimization of production efficiency
  • Easy integration into existing plant
  • Modularity
  • Adaptation of all components to the respective application possible
  • Retrofittability of existing systems
  • Easy to maintain


Aerosols Salts (NaCl)
Compressed air supply 6 – 8 bar
Interfaces USB-C, ethernet (LAN), RS-232, analog/digital signal
Belt width 250 – 1,000 mm (customer-specific adaptations possible)
Belt thickness 1 – 10 mm (customer-specific adaptations possible)
Belt speed Depending on application (customer-specific adaptations possible)
Protocols TCP/IP, Modbus, UDP
Power supply 115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions inline: customer-specific adaptations, 
stand-alone: possible for roll widths 250 - 1,000 mm


  • Mask making
  • Nonwoven fabric production
  • Production of filtration media (e.g., combination of several layers of material)
  • Production of filters (e.g., nonwoven roll at the beginning, pleated filter at the end)


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